Thinking of starting a new business?
Or Having difficulties operating your business?

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Business Information

THE business world is a fast-paced one where relevant knowledge, acumen and technical skills are the essentials for success; in addition to other strengths such as management, leadership and communication skills.

The corporate and entrepreneurial stage is challenging but present great opportunities for recognition, success and substantial profit. However, to compete successfully, you need specialist knowledge and appropriate experience in the particular field. Otherwise, the risk of failure is high.

Our Services

  • We focus on five business solutions:
  • Funding avenues.
  • Building your business.
  • Making the most of your talent and team.
  • Empowering management capabilities.
  • Digital engagement implementation.


We conduct dialogues with you and pinpoint the opportunities, challenges and obstacles your company is facing, followed by proposals that will assist your company, large or small, to move forward.

In the above process, we will perform a management audit to examine the critical success factors and financial aspects of your business, that will show you the areas that need attention.

About Us

John Hong, Chief Executive

John has more than 30 years experience working at senior management levels including positions as General Manager, Marketing Director, Corporate Affairs Director, Vice President Corporate, Managing Director, CEO and Consultant of various local and international companies.

International Business Consultant

Business & Management Consultant (Malaysia)
Consultant/Vice President Corporate Affairs (Malaysia)
Senior Partner/Management Company (Australia)
Project Consultant (China, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, USA, UK)


Acquisitions, mergers and joint venture companies. Project financing, business plan and business proposal. Market research and feasibility studies. Global expansion. Business development and marketing strategies. Research and selection of products, towards market trends. Turn around, reorganize and develop new corporate strategies and operational systems.


To help clients find the right solutions, reduce and avoid the agony of business failure, that very often affects entire families. We are fully committed to your commitment.

“Unless commitment is made, there are only promises and hopes… but no plans.” Peter Drucker.

Global Market


Our clients reached their business goals, become successful in their endeavors, delivering happiness and security to their families, contributing to our national economy and society.

Who We Serve

Analysis & Planning

New Startup Company

If you are starting up a new business or company, we can advise you from concept to launching. It depends on your capacity, experience and objectives. As a new start-up, it can be very challenging and risky. We highlight to you the risks and provide relevant information to advise you against unhealthy decisions and making common mistakes. You can leverage on our experience and knowledge.

Existing Company

If you are already in operation and you like to lift your company to greater heights, we can assist you to review, analyze, re-align and re-launch all aspects of management to increase sales, productivity, cost efficiency and profits. We will help you to identify the weaknesses in your company and propose solutions to modify or replace them for betterment.

Small & Medium Enterprise

The world economy is slowing down. It can get really bad this year or next. Time to think about starting your own business. Start your own venture, be really serious and be a successful entrepreneur. Take the challenge.

Tell us your goals

Brain Storming Session

What is your company’s goals? Reach your business goals with clear corporate and marketing strategies.

  1. Formulate a business plan.
  2. Identify the critical success factors (CSF).
  3. Analyse strength, weakness, opportunity and threat (SWOT).
  4. Analyse financial projections for sales, costing, capital, profit and loss (S&M, OPEX, CAPEX, P&L).
  5. Develop powerful corporate and marketing strategies.

We Will Show The Way

With over 30 years of experience in the industry, we have provided advisory services to many entrepreneurs, start-ups and small to medium-sized companies. We will show you the way, to grow and to be successful.


Time is everything. Don’t delay. The longer you wait, the more time and effort will be needed to improve and move ahead.

The New Normal – Start A Business

Going into small business is ideal for the following people:

a. Any employed person who wants to go into business either to avoid future economy slowdown or for other reasons.

b. Youth who needs part time activity to earn extra income.

c. Unemployed looking for a small business to start-up.

d. Retiree who just to keep busy or want to continue earning income.

e. People who due to the pandemic, have lost their job or current business operation.

You can start small, then grow to Wholesaler level and gradually, when you are more established, grow bigger. There is no limit to what you can eventually achieve. It is ultimately what do you want, limited only by your own imagination.

There are opportunities in every crisis. Innovate!